Oroville Dancing Diamond Pendant

"When I saw the first successful (dancing diamond pendant) prototype it was very good and very beautiful. The way the diamond moves is totally different to other diamond jewellery because other diamonds usually hang from one point and when people wear the jewellery the diamond usually touches the skin," designer Hidetaka Dobashi explained. "So I thought if I hang the diamond on two sides I could make the movement [of the stone] consistent and make it twinkle. The patented design (of the dancing diamond pendant) means that the stone continually moves in a vibration–like movement... the stone dances." The centre diamond (of the dancing diamond pendant) is suspended from two fine points and is designed so that the stone does not touch the wearer’s body but continually moves in a vibrating fashion, creating a continual sparkle from the swinging momentum. Dobashi said he first developed the (dancing diamond pendant) idea in September 2010 but it took until November 2011 to complete the f