Oroville Digital Franchising Mind Map

The Internet is at a tipping point. With 1 billion websites online, a single site in Oroville can no longer grow a company as expected - especially if you are a small business with less than 10 employees. We're the "home of Digital Franchising" says small business guru Michael Gerber. We've set four (4) World Records for IT production, and we're working at Web 2X - bringing hundreds of websites online as Intelligent Netware. Each fractal is a digital franchise for enterprises that want to grow their foot print and culture while cutting costs. Hundreds of networked websites - in niches, metros and vertical markets - for the cost of a entry level employee. This animation touches on the key intersections we cover while selecting Digital Franchise clients, and IT investments. It's a starting point for anyone that wants to scale their company in an exponentially growing future.