Original Clown Painting by Josiah Gabriel

Original Clown Painting by Josiah Gabriel

Josiah Gabriel Original Clown Painting

The Patio Clown Painting on exhibit

"We are here in Oroville at The Patio, one of the finest restaurants in Orovile, CA and the manager at The Patio is Robert.

"Hello Robert. "Best restaurant in town! not - one - of."

Bill; "Did I say one of?"

Robert; "You said one of. We are the best!"

Bill: "Yeah, well that's what a manager ought to say!

Bill: "Part of the reason that you're the best is what you have here on the wall of your bar.

"Can you tell me a little bit about this painting and since you've had this up for a while you've had some experience with customer reaction."

Robert: "Well my own reaction was to do everything but to quit to keep that off the wall, so I'm just one of those of the 50% that absolutely can't stand it. Then there's about 50% who absolutely love it and they want to have it in their living room you know. So and I haven't had anybody who goes; ho-hmm. They either fully like me or they're the total polar opposite."

Bill: "So there's no namby-pamby?

Robert: "No, no, no you either love it or you hate it.... yeah there are there are people who love that painting

Bill: "All right; stop by The Patio on Oregon Boulevard and see this painting by Josiah Gabriel and have some great food and beverages.

Bill: "thanks Robert

Robert: "thank you" (1)


The Patio - Orovile Fine Dining and Original Art

"Come by The Patio to enjoy fine dining and original art by Josiah Gabriel. You can see the Clown painting and more. Call (503) 533-7478 for reservations" (2)



(1) source: YouTube
(2) source: Bill Sharman
(3) source: Robert - The Patio

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